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2010 90 ton Engel LSR Vertical Injection Molding Machine

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Used 90 ton Engel vertical shuttle molder for sale with LSR package

90 ton Engel Vertical Shuttle LSR - Installed new in 2010 - Model INSERT200VE-90 - 2.2 oz. shot
ref # F950BCM

Clamp Tonnage :::: 90 tons US
Mold Height :::: 8.01"min/21.89"max
Shuttle Table Stroke :::: 43"
Ejector Stroke :::: 4.99"
Clamp Stroke :::: 13.8" 
Centerline :::: 72.8"
Shot Size :::: 2.2 oz.
Electrics :::: 480 volt/3/60
Floor To Shuttle Tbl :::: 34.06" Height

Equipped With:
 Vertical Clamp/Vertical Injection with 2 Position Shuttle Table
Electric Injection Unit with Servodrive
Eco Drive (Servo Pump)
LSR Package
- Fluid Automation Water Cooled Shut-Off Nozzle
- Bi-Metallic (M3) Barrel with Water Cooling 16:1
- Nitrided (S1) Screw with Spring Loaded Check
Disk for LSR
-LSR Pressure Transducer with on Feedthroat with
Screen Readout
-LSR Material Shut-off Valve 1/2"
- Preparation for LSR Filter Pack
"Vert Mould Program"
12 Zone Mold Heating Control with Additional Temp
Control Cards
Transformer for Hear Zones
Access Rights with Key Card
Low Usage - Only 1,486 Hours!

This machine is set up for liquid silicone rubber injection molding. Have an interest? Get a quote sent out to you quickly!
Mention Ref # F950BCM

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