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2013 275 ton Arburg Electric Used Injection Molding Machine

A 275 ton Arburg electric plastic molder from 2013

275 ton Arburg All-Drive-Electric - Installed new in 2014 - Model 630A-2500-800 - 15.3 oz. shot - Selogica DTS Controller - Only 22,000 hours approx.

Clamp Tonnage :::: 275 tons US
Tie Bar Distance :::: 24.8" x 24.8"
Platen Size :::: 35.43" x 35.43"
Mold Thickness :::: 11.81"min/29.53"max
Clamp Stroke :::: 21.65"
Daylight :::: 33.46"min/51.18"max
Shot Size :::: 15.3 oz. (55mm)
Electrics (Motor) :::: 460V-3-60
Electrics (Heaters) :::: 230V-3-60

Equipped With:
Selogica Direct Touch Screen closed loop control (with full software packages 1,2,3,5,6,7).
Wear resistant screw and barrel
Small accumulator hydraulics for ejection, nozzle force and corepull.
Servo-electric mold height adjustment with automatic clamp force regulation.
Injection simultaneous with mold closing.
SPI robot interface
Compact flash interface for data saving
Interface for serial printer
Acoustic alarm
Flashing light alarm
Low usage….approx 22,000 run hrs
Built-in 24 zone hot runner control with addition to cabinetry right side
Under Power
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