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We've been buying and selling injection molding machines to the plastics industry for over 40 years. Enjoy our technical knowledge, fast response, and a large inventory of used injection molding machinery, as well as plastic auxiliary equipment located throughout North America. Our website is updated often with high-quality name brands that you can trust. Please contact us for any assistance that you may need - we answer all questions and quote requests quickly.

Featured Used Injection Molders For Sale:

2008 28 ton Arburg Vertical Injection Molding Machine

2008 28 ton Arburg 275 V250-100

28 ton Arburg Vertical Rotary - Installed new in 2008 - Model 275 V250-100 - 1.5 oz. shot
ref # H13ABRJ
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2012 242 ton Arburg Injection Molding Machines

2012 242 ton Arburg 570S-2200-800

242 ton Arburg - Installed new in 2012 - Model 570S-2200-800 - 10.3 oz. shot
ref # B500ARJ
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2010 197 ton Nissei Injection Molding Machine

2010 197 ton Nissei FNX180-36A

197 ton Nissei - Installed new in 2010 - Model FNX180-36A - 9.6 oz. shot
ref # C824IPH
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2004 950 ton Electric UBE Injection Molding Machine

2004 950 ton UBE UN950W/159E

950 ton UBE All-Electric - Installed new in 2004 - Model UN950W/159E - 140 oz. shot
ref # F255CCM
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2012 385 ton Sumitomo Electric Used Injection Molding Machine

2012 385 ton Sumitomo SE350HDZ-C1600

385 ton Sumitomo All-Electric - Installed new in 2012 - Model SE350HDZ-C1600 - 30.2 oz. shot
ref # H505BPH
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2000 120 ton Toshiba Injection Molding Machine

2000 120 ton Toshiba ISG120NV10-5A

120 ton Toshiba - Installed new in 2000 - Model ISG120NV10-5A - 8.1 oz. shot
ref # C10CRJ
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2005 28 ton Arburg Injection Molding Machine

2005 28 ton Arburg 221KS-250-75

28 ton Arburg - Installed new in 2005 - Model 221KS-250-75 - 1 oz. shot
ref # D01BRJ
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2005 88 ton Nissei Electric Used Injection Molding Machine

2005 88 ton Nissei NEX1000-5E

88 ton Nissei All-Electric - Installed new in 2005 - Model NEX1000-5E - 1.13 oz. shot
ref # A852CRJ
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2004 55 ton Nissei Electric Used Injection Molding Machine

2004 55 ton Nissei NEX500-5F

55 ton Nissei All-Electric - Installed new in 2004 - Model NEX500-5F - 1.13 oz. shot
ref # A852BRJ
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2011 731 ton Krauss Maffei Injection Molding Machine

2011 731 ton Krauss Maffei KM650/4300 MX

731 ton Krauss Maffei - Installed new in 2011 - Model KM650/4300 MX - 73.5 oz. shot
ref # B250CAPH
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We have more used plastic injection molders available for sale in our inventory. Can't find what you are looking for? Just let us know what you need, and we'll get our search team on it!

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We Update Our Website Often.

We're always adding new listings of used plastic injection molding machines to our inventory. Here are some of the many manufacturers that we buy and sell:

Toshiba Sumitomo
Nissei Van Dorn
Husky JSW
Engel Niigata
Toyo Demag
Autojectors Newbury
Milacron Arburg
Battenfeld BOY
Krauss Maffei Mitsubishi
Chen Hsong UBE

Be sure to check our website often for updates on our latest listings. You can also follow us on the several different social media networks that we participate in.

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Whether you need a price quote or have any questions, please fill out our contact form or give our knowledgeable sales team a call at 732-691-7153. We have one of the fastest response times in our industry. Need a quote on the weekend? No problem, we'll be happy to email it to you. We hope to earn your business and look forward to hearing from you.

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