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We have been buying and selling injection molding machines for over 40 years to the plastics industry. Enjoy our technical knowledge, fast response and large inventory of quality used injection molding equipment. Our website is updated often with high quality name brands that you can trust. Please contact us for any assistance that you may need - we answer all questions and quote requests quickly.

Featured Used Injection Molders For Sale:

1998 250 ton Toshiba Used Injection Molding Machine

250 ton Toshiba used plastic molding machine for sale

250 ton Toshiba - Installed new in 1998 - Model ISG250NV10-19AT - 30 oz. shot - V10 Controller - Corepull
ref # A2024HI
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2006 1220 ton Demag Used Injection Molding Machines

1220 ton Used Demag plastic molding machines

1220 ton Demag - Installed new in 2006 - Model Titan 1220/1570-19000 - 284 oz. shot - NCIV Controller - 2 Corepulls - 1 machine left!
ref # D03737HM
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2001 90 ton Toyo Vertical Rotary Used Injection Molding Machine

Used Toyo vertical rotary plastic molding machine for sale

90 ton Toyo Vertical Rotary - Installed new in 2001 - Model TT-90HR2 - 3.5 oz. shot - PLCS-9 Controller - Low Hours
ref # D9052PH
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1998 10 ton Autojectors Used Vertical Injection Molding Machine

10 ton Autojectors vertical injection molder for sale

10 ton Autojectors Vertical Single Station - Installed new in 1998 - Model V-10-S - 1 oz. shot - Allen Bradley Controller
ref # A1022BR
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1996 390 ton Used Mitsubishi Injection Molding Machine

Used Mitsubishi plastic injection molder for sale

390 ton Mitsubishi - Installed new in 1996 - Model 390MJ-40 - 36.3 oz. shot - MAC Controller - Corepull - Robot included!
ref # D9997TT
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2003 253 ton Sumitomo Used Electric Injection Molding Machine

110 ton Sumitomo used injection molder photo

253 ton Sumitomo - Installed new in 2003 - Model SE230-S - 17.3 oz. shot - NVIII Controller - 31,000 hours
ref # H9551BR
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2004 110 ton Arburg Used Injection Molding Machine

used 110 ton Arburg plastic injection molder for sale

110 ton Arburg - Installed new in 2004 - Model 420C-1000-250 - 5.6 oz. shot - Selogica Control - Dual Corepulls and Airblows - Low Hours!
ref # C0019CB
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1999 990 ton Husky Used Injection Molding Machine

Used 990 ton Husky plastic injection molder

990 ton Husky - Installed new in 1999 - Model EWL900-RS155-145 - 368 oz. shot - Xycom 9960 Controller - Can be hooked up to power
ref # A52569BR
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2005 280 ton Van Dorn Vertical Rotary Used Injection Molding Machine

280 ton Van Dorn Rotary Injection Molder Used

280 ton Van Dorn Praxis Vertical Rotary - Installed new in 2005 - Model 280VHTR1220 - 25.4 oz. shot - Pathfinder 6000 Controller - 75″ rotary table
ref # 67509CS
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1999 880 ton Used Battenfeld Injection Molding Machine

image of a 1999 880 ton Battenfeld plastic molding machine used

880 ton Battenfeld - Installed new in 1999 - Model BA8000/7700HM - 181 oz. shot - Unilog 9000 Controller - Low hours
ref # 179997SVO
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We are always adding new listings of used plastic injection molding equipment to our inventory. Here are some of the many manufacturers that we sell and are also interested in buying from you or someone you may know:

Toshiba Sumitomo
Nissei Van Dorn
Husky JSW
Engel Niigata
Toyo Demag
Autojectors Newbury
Milacron Arburg
Battenfeld BOY

Please contact our knowledgeable sales team if you are in the market for used plastic machinery. If you have something for sale please get in touch with our purchasing team. We will get back you very quickly or you give us a call at 732-691-7153.

Be sure to check our website often for updates on our latest listings or follow us on several different social media websites that we participate in.

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