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We have been buying and selling injection molding machines for over 40 years to the plastics industry. Enjoy our technical knowledge, fast response and large inventory of quality used injection molding machinery located throughout North America. Our website is updated often with high quality name brands that you can trust. Please contact us for any assistance that you may need - we answer all questions and quote requests quickly.

Featured Used Injection Molders For Sale:

2013 165 ton Arburg Used Injection Molding Machine

A 165 ton Arburg from 2013

165 ton Arburg - Installed new in 2013 - Model 470C-1500-400 - 8.2 oz. shot - Selogica Controller - Low Hours!
ref # F801ZSGT
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1995 500 ton Used Cincinnati Injection Molding Machine

A 500 ton Cincinnati Milacron from 1995

500 ton Cincinnati Milacron - Installed new in 1995 - Model VH500-41 - 41 oz. shot - Camac VEL Controller - Dual Corepull
ref # A201ZNO
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1995 400 ton Used Engel Injection Molding Machine

Photo of a 1995 400 ton Engel plastic molder

400 ton Engel - Installed new in 1995 - Model ES2000-400 - 38 oz. shot - SEF 100 Super Controller - Corepull
ref # A200CNO
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2000 110 ton Toshiba Electric Used Injection Molding Machine

Used 110 ton Toshiba all-electric plastic molder from 2000

110 ton Toshiba All-electric - Installed new in 2000 - Model EC110V21-2B - 4.2 oz. shot - V21 Controller
ref # A754GDK
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2008 77 ton Arburg LSR Two Shot Used Injection Molding Machine

Used 77 ton Arburg 2 shot plastic molder from 2008

77 ton Arburg Two Shot LSR - Installed new in 2008 - Model 370S-700-30/30 - LSR primary shot 11.6 grams, thermoplastic secondary shot 9.5 grams - L-CONFIG - Under Power
ref # H640DBD
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2002 55 ton Used Arburg LSR Two Shot Injection Molding Machine

Used 55 ton Arburg two shot plastic injection molder for sale

55 ton Arburg Two Shot - Installed new in 2002 - Model 320S-500-60/150 - LSR 22 grams primary shot, Thermoplastic 49 grams shot #2 - L-CONFIG - LOW HOURS!
ref # G360CBD
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2015 1300 ton Used Milacron Injection Molding Machine

Used Milacron plastic molder 1300 ton

1300 ton Milacron - Installed new in 2015 - Model Maxima Servo 1300 - 362 oz. shot - Mosaic Controller - Only 1450 Hours!
ref # G2500AOV
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1999 28 ton Arburg LSR Used Injection Molding Machine

28 ton Arburg liquid silicone rubber molder

28 ton Arburg LSR - Installed new in 1999 - Model 270S-250-60-LSR - 22 gm - Selogica Controller - LSR Pumping Unit Included!
ref # B900CBD
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2011 950 ton Toshiba Used Injection Molding Machine

950 ton Toshiba plastic injection molder for sale

950 ton Toshiba - Installed new in 2011 - Model ISGT950WV21-110B - 250 oz. shot - V21 Controller - Dual Corepull
ref # C0950ING
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1999 720 ton Used Toshiba Injection Molding Machine

720 ton Toshiba plastic molder from 1999

720 ton Toshiba - Installed new in 1999 - Model ISGT720WV10-59B - 125 oz. shot - V10 Touch Screen Controller - Corepull
ref # D500CJL
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We are always adding new listings of used plastic injection molding machines to our inventory. Here are some of the many manufacturers that we buy and sell:

Toshiba Sumitomo
Nissei Van Dorn
Husky JSW
Engel Niigata
Toyo Demag
Autojectors Newbury
Milacron Arburg
Battenfeld BOY
Krauss Maffei Mitsubishi
Yuh-Dak UBE

Be sure to check our website often for updates on our latest listings. You can also follow us on the several different social media networks that we participate in.

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