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2016 55 ton Toshiba Electric Injection Molding Machine

2016 55 ton Toshiba EC55SXIIV50-1.5-1YZ

55 ton Toshiba All-Electric - Installed new in 2016 - Model EC55SXIIV50-1.5-1YZ - 1 oz. shot

Clamp Tonnage :::: 55 tons US
Tie Bar Distance :::: 16.1" x 14.2"
Platen Size :::: 20.1" x 18.1"
Ejector Stroke :::: 2.75"
Clamp Stroke :::: 11.8"
Max Daylight :::: 26.4"
Mold Thickness :::: 5.9"min / 14.5"max
Shot Size :::: 1 oz.

Equipped With:
Injectvisor V50 controller
Dual Airblow
Auto Purge
Pneumatic Corepull - Single Timer
Heater Band Failure Alarm
Mold Ejector Plate Monitor
Pneumatic Valve Gate - 1 Zone
Simultaneous Extrude and Clamp
SPI Robot Interface Recept (32 pin/ Euromap 12)
USB Memory Port
Voltage 208 Volts
Only 3500 Hours Of Use In A Lab Environment!

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