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1999 200 ton Engel Thermoset Vertical Injection Molding Machine

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200 ton Engel Thermoset Vertical Shuttle Injection Molding Machine For Sale From 1999

200 ton Engel Vertical Shuttle Thermoset - Installed new in 1999 - Model ES1350H-200V - 32.5 oz. shot
ref # E02BRJ

Clamp Tonnage :::: 200 tons US
Top Platen Size :::: 17" x 39 3/8"
Top Ejector Stroke :::: 6"
Bottom Ejectors :::: 6.50"
Nozzle Stroke :::: 16"
Screw Stroke :::: 9.75"
Clamp Stroke :::: 15"
Max Daylight :::: 36"
Shot Size :::: 32.5 oz.
Table Size :::: 21" x 73"
Electrics :::: 460/3/60

Equipped With:
EC100 ELA03 Controller
BMC Stuffer Included!
Insulating Plates for Platens
Complete Package for molding BMC/Thermoset w/Xaloy
102 Barrel and a D2 through hardened BMC screw and
check assembly in place of standard.
Package also includes: extended water cooled nozzle,
cooling/heating jackets for oil/water media, screw
anti-rotation device, high torque screw drive motor.
2 Mold Heating Zones & Receptacles
Alarm Bell
Hydraulic ejectors moving platen. Centre knock out only.
Corepull on moving platen
EC100 Level 2 Software
EC100 Microplast/Microflow Processing Software
EC100 Micrograph Plus
EC100 Process Data
Ejector Back Confirmation Input Signal
EC100 PID Mold Temp. Control Zones, 230/1/60 - 16 Amps Each.
EC100 8-Zone Temp/ Control Card
SPI Communications Protocol For Auxiliary Devices
BMC/Thermoset Inmold Gate Cutter Sequence
[Watch Video Of This Machine]

This machine is setup for molding thermoset materials.
Mention Ref # E02BRJ

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