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2004 220 ton Arburg Two Shot LSR Injection Molding Machine

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2004 220 ton Arburg Two Shot plastic molder with a liquid silicone rubber injection unit

220 ton Arburg Two Shot LSR - Installed new in 2004 - Model 570C-2000-350/350 - 155.68 grams LSR primary shot, thermoplastic 124.68 GPS grams secondary shot - L-CONFIG
ref # E002ZTS

Clamp Tonnage :::: 220 tons US
Tie Bar Distance :::: 22.44" x 22.44"
Platen Size :::: 31.30" x 31.30"
Mold Thickness :::: 23.60" min.
Clamp Stroke :::: 25.59"
Max Daylight :::: 37.40"
Shot 1 Size :::: 155.68 grams LSR
Shot 2 Size :::: 124.68 grams GPS
Electrics :::: 575V/230/60Hz

Equipped With:
Selogica Direct control with extended movements software package
LSR anti wear barrel- 35mm
Thermoplastic barrel -35mm high wear and corrosive resistant
Technology stage 3 servo regulated pumps for simultaneous movements
Technology stage 2 servo regulated pumps-inj unit 2
Serial interface for printer
Safety guard with increased height
Acoustic alarm
1st core pull –simultaneous movement
Interface for coloring device
EL control for 2nd core pull
Interface for LSR pump
Robot interface
CSA approved circuit breakers
Two air blows
18 electric heating regulation circuits
Holding pressure switchover via hydraulic pressure
4 programmable I/O
Vacuum control with ventilation function
Nozzle contact force regulated both inj units
Interface for vacuum control with vacuum unit
Position regulated screw both injection units
Pump motor is 600V, heaters are 208/230V
No hopper
Injection during mold closing
Wittman robot included
Low usage – approximately 42,772 run hrs.
Under power in Canada
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This Arburg is a horizontal, 2 component injection molding machine with LSR injection unit as primary and secondary thermoplastic injection unit in horizontal “L” position out back. It is in excellent condition. Please let us know if you have any questions.
Mention Ref # E002ZTS

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